Solar Supply House Now Offers Shipping To Canada!

We offer Three Methods

Less Cheap
Most Expensive

Method 1.  This is the Cheapest way we ship to Canada and the most popular!

  • We ship to a location that is convent to you in the USA.  Normally this is a border city in the USA and often a  FedEx location, UPS Location or someone you know. But, It can be anywhere in the USA.
  • We will ship Free to that location. Any order over $99.00 qualifies for free USA shipping under our shipping policy.
  • You or someone authorized by you,  then travels to that location in the USA to pickup the package..
  • We will provide you with tracking for your entire shipment.
  • Once it arrives, you are responsible for picking up the package at the agreed upon location and transporting it back to Canada. It is your responsibility to pay any Customs Duties, Fees and Taxes, if you bother to declare it. Most customers just chuck it in the trunk and do not. That is your choice.
  • Our shipping responsibility for the packages ends at the USA delivery once you pick them up.


Method 2.  This can be more costly. For those that have their own FedEx or UPS account.

  • Contact Us. We will walk you through this process. We have to manually create the shipment.
  • You must have a UPS or FedEx account.
  • We will use your FedEx or UPS account to bill you for all shipping and customs/import Duties, Taxes and Fees.
  • FedEx or UPS will charge your account for the entire shipment costs including all import costs.


Method 3.  This is the most expensive way for your Canadian Shipment.

  • Place order as normal
  • Enter in the address and postal code in the cart checkout.
  • The cart will calculate the rate to Canada.
  • This is the shipping rate ONLY.  You are responsible for Customs Fees, Duties and Taxes.

  • FedEx will collect the applicable Customs Fees, Duties and taxes before releasing the delivery.