LIFEPO4 Batteries

LifePo4 Battery Upgrades

Many people ask me if Lithium Batteries are worth the expense..

YES!!  Aboslutely worth every penny if well spent pennies! Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIFEPO4) chemistry batteries are the absolute best value over traditional lead based batteries (SLA, AGM) and dollar for dollar, provide the longest lasting, maintenance free, usable power of any mainstream battery in production today.

Just recently, I met a neighbor that had a new 38′ 5th wheel. He ordered it with a stock 100AH Lead Acid Battery and no generator.  He only went from RV park to RV park, with full hookups, so his logic was that he never needed an independent power system… UNTIL..

The last RV park had a 3 day power failure. His 100AH lead acid battery only lasted half a day due to his loads and residential refrigerator. Now, since the 5th Wheel was unhooked from his tow vehicle, it was up on it’s electric jacks. He could not lower the RV jacks to hook up and leave. So he had to spend three days until the power was restored and his battery was charged back up.

After 3 days and throwing all his refridgerated food away, he could charge his lead acid for a few hours and finally leave.

I ran into him and heard his story. I proposed a moderate solar system with Lithium Batteries, and he agreed. He is now power independent. His residential refrigerator, freezer and ice maker run 24/7 with no issues. He can charge every day or be on shore power. He now splits his time between RV parks and Boondocking.

I have field tested these prismatic cells for over two years. They work flawlessly and can handle extreme discharges, but, I recommend using conservative charge and discharge profiles, which can be set by most quality Solar Charge Controllers and Inverter/Chargers. This will insure your batteries last for years and over a decade is not uncommon for LIFEPO4 Battery packs.

3.2 Volt, 280 Amp Hour Cells

4 Cells make up the replacement of a typical 12V battery in voltage and approximate size. The main differences are:

  • One of these 280 AH packs is the equivalent of Five typical 100 Amp Hour Lead Acid or AGM Batteries.
  • Conservative methods of Charge to 90% and discharge to 20-50% will make them last ten or more years.
  • Rated at 3500+ Charge and Discharge cycles. One cycle a day would equal about ten years. We expect longer life than that.
  • Mantanance is not required.  Not fluids to add.
  • 1/3 the weight of the same physical size Lead Acid or AGM.
  • Compartment venting is not required. No vapor discharges.
  • Can be mounted in any position.
  • Tremendous Cost Savings over life cycles and power delivery.

Here is a recent build a customer sent in.