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Charging from your alternator or tow vehicle

If you have  a Tow, 5th wheel or Class A, B,C  or even Van build, this question will come  up. “I have an alternator, somewhere, how do I use that to charge my  house batteries?”   Don’t read more into this until necessary. A charging alternator will  dump power into your  batteries with little to no effort. But to do it  properly, it takes a small effort.

An alternator is really a dumb device. In general, it just spews out electricity at a rate that the belt that drives it. There are miscellaneous charge circuits, like regulators, that help, but,  in general, it just throws electricity at  your batteries. One has to ask themselves how much do you want  to  get  out of driving? I would assume if you have solar on your rig, you charge  during the day. If you  also  drive, you  can also benefit from  that too. If you are a night driver, then  I would strongly suggest you put  in an alternator charging scheme.  Then  you can use your alternator  to  it’s best while  there is  no sunlight.

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