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310AH and 320AH cells are FAKE

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New Information on Misrepresentation of LiFePO4 Cells on Alibaba and AliExpress exposed

Solar Supply House was curious about some inconsistencies in the advertisement of LiFePO4 Cells. These cells are advertised at 310-320AH Capacities.

Now, to warn you,  there are NO 310AH or 320AH  Manufactured cells. Nearly all of these cells are 302AH Cells from CATL and several other Manufacturers.

What the sellers are saying is you “might” get 310 to 320AH Capacity rating on new cells,  But it’s  not guaranteed.

We recently ordered 250 Cells from a source on Alibaba that advertised they were 310AH cells. After further investigation and getting to know the rep, she finally came clean on the real specification.

The cells were CATL 302AH. They overrated them in the advertising and doctored the Manufacturers spec sheet to show they were 310AH cells. A complete fabrication.

Her justification for the false advertising was:  “Everyone knows that”.

What they are really saying is that the cells that they offer might perform to 310-320AH (but no guarantees) to make them more attractive to buy.


After finalizing the order and shipping costs, I got to the payment process and received and unexpected text message from the seller. She stated the 310AH cells were really 302AH cells.

This is the word-for-word text exchange:

John Bensimon, Solar Suply House Cell Buyer in Blue Color is my part of the conversation.

+86 131 7xxxxxx: in RED  Color is the Chinese Vendor in Guangdong, China.


John Bensimon:

Somebody from another supplier said your 310AH cells are actually CATL 302AH cells.

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
Yes 302 model . Normally call 310 on alibaba and 320 on Aliexpress

John Bensimon:
Explain. Did you sell to me 303AH cells and call them 310?

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
Sorry wrong typing. 302model
302 model normal with more than 310ah . Even 315ah

John Bensimon:
What is in the boxes that you shipped to me on August 9 order?

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
Everybody call 310 for CATL 302model and only CATL have this

John Bensimon:
Why did you send me a 310 specification sheet and not a 302 specification sheet. I now have both sheets. One must be false.

I uploaded the two specification sheets below to the Chinese Rep. One is from the rep and the other is the original from CATL.

302Ah 产品规格书 Product Specification of 302Ah Cell
电芯型号 Cell Model: LEP71H3L7-01 电芯容量 Cell Capacity: 302Ah

310Ah 产品规格书 Product Specification of 310Ah Cell
电芯容量 Cell Capacity: 310Ah

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
302is original, we change 302 to 310, the rest is same     <—————-Vendor Admits that they doctor the Specification Sheet and their advertising from 302 to 310-320 Amp Hour Capacity.

John Bensimon:
I am expecting these cells. The order/contract specifies in writing has this. “310Ah 产品规格书 Product Specification of 310Ah Cell
电芯容量 Cell Capacity: 310Ah” .
You sell a model of cell, not a hopeful capacity.
You never said the cells were 302AH. I promised my customers model 310 and NOT 302 that over perform.

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
I though u knows. And everyone call 310 on alibaba. And for more than 300ah it’s the only model. So no matter 302 310 320 it’s the same cells. If u blame me for didn’t say it then I’m sorry.  We do always call them 310 <—————-Vendor again says that everyone on Ali does the same. Anything over 300AH is advertised at 310-320AH.

John Bensimon:
And somebody forged the specification sheet, then? Changed 302 to 310?
Photoshop or similar? CATL did not do the change?

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
We just change the name 310. The rest is same.  <———–Vendor again Admits that they doctor the Specification Sheet and their advertising from 302 to 310-320 Amp Hour Capacity.

John Bensimon:
I would like to move this conversation to alibaba messages. I need to document it.

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
So what do u want now? What’s the solution u want

John Bensimon:
You changed the name to 310, but you also forged the manufacturer capacity from 302 to 310. Somebody in USA will find this out and expose the truth.
It will discredit my business. This is not small. This is very big

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
But even they buy on Aliexpress you will get 320
They are the same cells  <———–Vendor says that all the cells are misrepresented.

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
The true is like this. Not us do this . <———–Vendor says that everyone on Ali does this.

John Bensimon:
Can you take the cells off the ship?

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
Do u want to cancel the order right?

John Bensimon:
It is being mis-represented.

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
Ok I will tell boss to see if we can take them off

John Bensimon:
I do not want to, but this is becoming very insane…

+86 131 7xxxxxx:
Dear I understand. Well I also feel not so good to say 310, but everybody told 310, if we make 302, they will though us low capacity. What’s why we change it. But they are really the same cells with how I show you. The appearance/capacity/quality

John Bensimon:
I’m not doing a refund today. But I would like to know how refunds are done? Do I have to go to Trade Assurance?
You could resell the cells to somebody that wants 310 and sell to them 302.

John Bensimon:
Tomorrow, please send me QR code (clear pic) from several 310 (now 302) cells.

So, that is proof that there really is no such thing as 310-320AH LiFePO4 Cells. They just are not made. I would be very cautious about purchasing from any vendor claiming that capacity on cells.

At Solar Supply House, we do not falsify any specifications and guarantee the cells are new, unused, original, full capacity, Grade A and are located in the USA. We have done all the hard work and guarantee to the customer that they are purchasing what is represented.

John Bensomon

Solar Supply House Resident Engineer